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Come See Us At The Superfine Art Fair 9/15-9/18!


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We are extremely excited to announce that we’ll be LIVE at the NYC SuperFine Art Fair from September 15th through September 18th, 2022! 

Stop by and see us at The Market Line (180 Broome St.) or follow us LIVE on social media as we broadcast with over 135 immensely talented visual artists in the largest art fair of the year!

What is the SuperFine Art Fair?

With stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington, D.C., Seattle, and more, the world-renowned SuperFine Art Fair makes its stop right here in New York City!

The fair has been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post, LA Weekly, Art Fair Magazine, and countless other prominent global publications as a model of fun, inclusivity, diversity, and expression. 

The SuperFine Art Fair was created in 2015 as the answer to those looking for a space where all that matters is the art itself. 

Featuring the most cutting-edge visual artists and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, New York’s installment is “A mini version of The Oculus” featuring over 30,000 square feet of exhibition space, over 1,000 unique pieces of art, and 135+ unique talented visual artists. 

As the number one art fair for both art-lovers and independent artists, SuperFine offers a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their works to art-lovers from all over the country. Fairgoers most appreciate the opportunity to get their hands on one-of-a-kind wall art for their homes and offices from both up-and-coming and established artists in a variety of fields. 

The best part? All proceeds from over 1,500 unique pieces of art go directly to the artists who created them! 

a crowd of people at a past rendition of the NYC SuperFine Art Fair

Featured Artists 

From photography to illustration to graphic design and more, the SuperFine Art Fair features a wide range of top artists both locally and globally. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the mega-talented artists you can meet and buy from!

Nathan Kraxberger

a piece of artwork by NYC-based artist Nathan Kraxberger

NYC-based photographer capturing authentic, beating-heart images of NYC city life. 

Click the links below to see more of Nathan’s work!

Shop Nathan Kraxbergers's collection on our website!

Nathan Kraxberger's Website

Nathan Kraxberger's Instagram

Ty Mecham

a piece of artwork by NYC-based artist Ty Mecham

NYC-based commercial/editorial photographer known for his strong use of color, textures, and stylized lighting in his still life, interiors, food, portrait, and fashion photography. 

Click the links below to see more of Ty’s work!

Shop Ty Mecham's collection on our website!

Ty Mecham's Website

Ty Mecham's Instagram

Michelle Christensen

a piece of artwork by Salt Lake City-based artist Michelle Christensen

Salt Lake City, Utah-based illustrator, designer, and creator of the brand My Little Belleville.

Click the links below to see more of Michelle’s work!

Shop Michelle Christensen's collection on our website!

Michelle Christensen's Website

Michelle Christensen's Instagram

Kelle Ramsey

a piece of artwork by Los Angeles-based artist Kelle Ramsey

Los Angeles-based photographer known for her feminine hues and subtle quietude in portraiture, fashion, still life, and more. 

Click the links below to see more of Kelle’s work!

Shop Kelle Ramsey's collection on our website!

Kelle Ramsey's Website

Kelle Ramsey's Instagram

James Ransom

a piece of artwork by NYC-based artist James Ransom

NYC-based commercial photographer known for his work with Food52

Click the links below to see more of James’ work!

Shop James Ransom's collection on our website!

James Ransom's Website

James Ransom's Instagram

Jason Naylor

a piece of artwork by NYC-based artist Jason Naylor

NYC-based, award-winning artist, designer, and creative director known for his uplifting messages of love, positivity, and color. 

Check out our interview with Jason from June!

Click the links below to see more of Jason’s work!

Shop Jason Naylor's collection on our website!

Jason Naylor's Website

Jason Naylor's Instagram

Ashly Jernigan

a piece of artwork by Zurich-based illustrator and graphic designer Ashly Jernigan

Zurich, Switzerland-based illustrator and graphic designer known for her beautiful work focused on women and uplifting female energy. 

Click the links below to see more of Ashly’s work!

Shop Ashly Jernigan's collection on our website!

Ashly Jernigan's Website

Ashly Jernigan's Instagram

Stephen Kent Johnson

a piece of artwork by NYC-based artist Stephen Kent Johnson

NYC-based photographer specializing on shooting interiors and food, regularly featured in publications like Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Dwell, Elle Décor, Gather Journal, New York Magazine, and WSJ Magazine.

Click the links below to see more of Stephen’s work!

Shop Stephen Kent Johnson's collection on our website!

Stephen Kent Johnson's Website

Stephen Kent Johnson's Instagram

Sign Up For The Webinar!

Are you an artist interested in improving your prospects?

Join art marketing guru and Director of Marketing for Art Storefronts Patrick Shanahan for a discussion on best practices for your art website. Aptly called “Use Your Website to Make 6 Figures,” this insightful, info-packed webinar can help you turn your hobby/side-hustle into a full-fletched income stream!

The webinar is tentatively scheduled for August 24th, 2022 at 12 pm EST.

Watch for more info–we’ll share a link closer to the event!

fairgoers at a past rendition of the SuperFine Art Fair

Learn More and Register!

Check out this year’s exhibitors, learn more about the message behind the fair, and buy tickets here!

Hurry–only 4,000 general access + 325 VIP + 75 Superstar tickets are available for purchase!

You won’t want to miss the largest art fair of the year! We hope to see you there!

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