The collaboration print image between Anya Anti & Patricia Barrett Studio, featuring a young woman with a blue flower crown and yellow dress with a sad expression.

Artist Spotlight: Anya Anti

In her own words, being an artist can sometimes be a struggle. But one glance at the passionate, symbolic works of Ukraine-born visual artist Anya Anti, and one resounding emotion comes to the front of the frame: hope

Let’s get to know the woman behind these stunning, captivating works of art just in time for our upcoming collaboration on July 14th!

Anya Anti holding a melting globe in a wet, rural background

Meet Anya Anti

Unlike most contemporary art professionals, Anya Anti didn’t grow up attending art class. With no access to teachers or mentors, she channeled her passion, skill, and love for painting stories through photography. 

“I’ve always been creative,” she says. “I had a natural feel for color and composition but my only resources were unlimited internet and my own passion.” Through self-learning the nuts and bolts of photography, including editing in Photoshop and analyzing the works of her favorite artists, she learned and improved her skills–establishing herself as a bona-fide autodidactic professional photographer. 

A self-described visual person, Anya favored things like cinematography, animation, and painting over reading and writing. However, “I could draw and doodle a little, but I couldn’t really paint–until I found I could paint with my camera and editing software.”

“With photography,” she says, “through metaphors and symbolism, you can embody your idea and message into a single image.” How does she develop such poignant, captivating imagery?

an Anya Anti photograph of a young woman fishing with refuse in the water

Creating Magic

In spite of her unconventional beginnings as an artist, she prepares for each project with the care–and tenacity–of a seasoned veteran.

“I start by developing an idea and doing some research, including sketching, looking for some references online, and doing some location and model scouting,” she says. “I have a vision of what my final project should look like and I try to visualize it as much as possible throughout the process.” 

an Anya Anti photograph of a young woman in a white dress holding a melting globe surrounded by fog

By shooting as much as possible on-set, as well as using real props and real locations, her works give off an unmistakable vibe of realness and authenticity. 

“My shooting process is actually quite simple and takes the least time of all the steps in my process,” she says. “Then I edit in Photoshop to fine-tune the final image–that’s where the magic happens.” 

Home Away From Home

Having moved to the United States in 2014, Anya Anti’s home is and always will be Ukraine. In her own words, her normal life stopped on February 24, 2022 with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

an Anya Anti photograph of a young woman holding an umbrella with oversized raindrops falling, all on a dark background

“Sometimes I can’t believe it’s happening to my home in the 21st century,” she says. Having grown up with grandmothers who lived through the horrors of WWII, she familiarized herself with their stories and chillingly clung to the phrase, “as long as there’s no war.”

“My day begins and ends with checking the news, posting helpful information, and texting family to make sure they’re okay.” Many of her friends, relatives, and fellow Ukrainians are now refugees. She says she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to go back and see her family. 

“Creating artwork to express how I feel–and raising money for charity–is the least I can do,” says Anti. “I ask everyone I know to stand with Ukraine in the fight between good and evil. The war is not over.” 

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You can read more about Anya Anti, view her portfolio, and even shop her selection of creative works here or see more of her on Instagram at @anya_anti_art

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